After months of design and prototyping I am finally set to get my gimbal on the market! I decided to back the AlexMos boards due to their superior firmware and performance. That was a tough decision because of the higher cost but in the end, it's worth it once you see the video! I now have the boards  and my custom motors on the way and all that is left are the final tweaks to the design. I'm not releasing any pics yet but I think most will be impressed. It's fully 3d printed with all elements pressfit. I will only sell them as fully assembled and tuned gimbals at first. Basically look at them as PNP or RTF. Just bolt it down and plug in. I have been testing variants of it for a few months but I also have two beta testers that are getting amazing results. Expect to see some sample video up on my dhdsracer youtube channel soon and I hope to have all my parts in a week or two. Stay tuned!
After a few weeks of brushing up on Solidworks, I have finally been able to create all the crazy thing in my head. This new printer uses PLA which is a surprisingly sturdy and stiff thermo plastic. I have been able to design truly functional parts like this micro hexacopter. This hex is only a 280mm frame but it's packed with some prototype micro electronics that I'm developing. I couldn't believe how steady and efficient this thing was when flew it! Testing still need to be done but it's looking like a 2200 3s is going to get about 10-12 min flight time with a built in micro FPV system!!! 

All I can say is that after two weeks and over 130 hours of print time, this was possibly the best purchase of my life!

Now go forth and create!

I'm really trying to keep my momentum going here with new products. I see so many awesome openings in the market. I finally got my first motors available and already have some amazing new prototype motors about ready for productions! The new 4107 is a great low profile motor with 750kv. It's basically a dt750 killer with no faults like it! I have sample brushless gimbal motors that are working amazingly well on my homemade gimbal too! I'm hoping to get those available along with a simple gimbal as my funds allow. I have stock in Martinez gimbal boards and hope to get back instock with my HDMI adaptors. There are so many unique ideas I'm chasing that I can barely sleep some nights. Cheers to the people that make this hobby affordable and fun!


MultiWii's are awesome and insanely modular. Still, it is not plug and play like KK's or DJI stuff. I love how configurable they are but when you run into trouble, it's a major pain. Two days working on this GPS unit and still no joy. The hex flies amazing but GPS is just not there. More research and configuring needed... blah  

Today I woke up thinking about faster FPV. My EPP FPV is great and with RTH and the carrying capacity but it is simply unable to go fast. I'm taking my trusty Falcon Wing and throwing a kk2 on it flashed with Open Aero 2. I'm reenforcing the spar now so stay tuned for the progress and flight updates!
I'm off to a great start with the site. I now have my first article on the 9X radio and have tons more to come. I'm planning on a whole KK2 series and lot's of multirotor tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more fun stuff and maybe even some products 
Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my new site. Some of you may already know me as Don Severns or dhdsracer on YouTube. Well, this is my new persona. RC Man Child is a new website and YouTube channel that will have all things related to RC. My passions are primarily Multirotors, FPV, Gliders and anything that flies.
Please stay tuned as I add to the site and channel with build tutorials, tuning/setup guides and much more. 

Thanks for your support!