MultiWii's are awesome and insanely modular. Still, it is not plug and play like KK's or DJI stuff. I love how configurable they are but when you run into trouble, it's a major pain. Two days working on this GPS unit and still no joy. The hex flies amazing but GPS is just not there. More research and configuring needed... blah  

Today I woke up thinking about faster FPV. My EPP FPV is great and with RTH and the carrying capacity but it is simply unable to go fast. I'm taking my trusty Falcon Wing and throwing a kk2 on it flashed with Open Aero 2. I'm reenforcing the spar now so stay tuned for the progress and flight updates!
I'm off to a great start with the site. I now have my first article on the 9X radio and have tons more to come. I'm planning on a whole KK2 series and lot's of multirotor tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more fun stuff and maybe even some products