After months of design and prototyping I am finally set to get my gimbal on the market! I decided to back the AlexMos boards due to their superior firmware and performance. That was a tough decision because of the higher cost but in the end, it's worth it once you see the video! I now have the boards  and my custom motors on the way and all that is left are the final tweaks to the design. I'm not releasing any pics yet but I think most will be impressed. It's fully 3d printed with all elements pressfit. I will only sell them as fully assembled and tuned gimbals at first. Basically look at them as PNP or RTF. Just bolt it down and plug in. I have been testing variants of it for a few months but I also have two beta testers that are getting amazing results. Expect to see some sample video up on my dhdsracer youtube channel soon and I hope to have all my parts in a week or two. Stay tuned!
After a few weeks of brushing up on Solidworks, I have finally been able to create all the crazy thing in my head. This new printer uses PLA which is a surprisingly sturdy and stiff thermo plastic. I have been able to design truly functional parts like this micro hexacopter. This hex is only a 280mm frame but it's packed with some prototype micro electronics that I'm developing. I couldn't believe how steady and efficient this thing was when flew it! Testing still need to be done but it's looking like a 2200 3s is going to get about 10-12 min flight time with a built in micro FPV system!!! 

All I can say is that after two weeks and over 130 hours of print time, this was possibly the best purchase of my life!

Now go forth and create!